Personal Saving’s = Your Financial Peace Of Mind

Do you remember your first paycheck or getting an allowance as a Kid? Or receiving gifts of money in Cards from your parents, grandparents, or relatives? In today’s world most of us have a bank accounts, or bank online, have a Line of Credit or at least 1 Credit Card. But years ago our ancestors were in the habit of physically saving Coins, & Paper Money. They were raised with the mindset that Most of what they would purchase would be paid for with Cash as there was no Credit to rely on.

In the mid 1930’s my Grandfather received the payout of a Life Insurance Policy when his parents died, which enabled him to buy a house to house his younger Siblings & eventual family of 11 Children. Life Insurance was very popular as people didn’t have large sums of money saved in case someone died too soon.

People practiced consistent saving of whatever bits of money they could find, make, or budget for. Some of the Best Family Recipes came out of  Frugal Grocery Budgets!

Having some Money tucked aside for a “Rainy Day” or in case of Emergency, was common place. Everyone was doing it! Sadly we seem to have gotten out of the habit of Saving but recent Global Events have “reset” our lives in every way!

I personally Believe that every person Can & Should have Personal Savings for their own Emotional & Financial Well being for short term goals (i.e.Vacation,car,wedding) & for Unexpected events in  Life  such as job loss or interruption, appliance or car breakdown to name a few.

Let me help show you how you can begin to Save for You !

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