Insurance Services​

With so many to choose from, how do you know which one is for you?

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  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage or Creditor Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Accident/Injury Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • and more!
Life Insurance

Life Insurance for some or all the stages of your life can be financially powerful.

If you don’t yet have money saved, or you are not able to save money fast enough, choosing the right policy can:

  • Pay out a tax-free lump sum of money to your designated beneficiary(ies).
  • Ensure the futures of the people you love, who depend on you financially.
  • Help cover outstanding or unforeseen expenses, funeral costs, mortgages, education, loans, medical expenses/medication, etc.
  • Replace your income and provide financial stability and security

After you are gone, your family needs time and money to adjust to living life without you.

Stay at home parents, single parents, grandparents, children, and business owners need insurance too!

Critical Illness Insurance

1 in 2 Canadians, no matter their age or health status, will be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or medical event in their lifetime before age 60!

You do not need to be working to get CI Insurance.  This is also a great alternative for those who are working, but do not qualify for, OR cannot afford traditional Disability Insurance Coverage.

Here is how a CI Insurance payout would work:

  • A Tax-free, lump sum of money is paid to you upon diagnosis of a policy covered condition and survival period.
  • The money is yours to use as you wish

It’s really that simple!

It’s also important to note that coverage may also be available for those who have already had an illness or medical event in their past, or those who have immediate family with poor health history.

Don’t forget to ask me about a wonderful savings CI Policy for children from the age of 15 days to 17 years, from one of Canada’s well-known Insurance Companies.

Disability Insurance

You might have heard that your biggest asset before retirement is your ability to make a living, meaning an INCOME. What if the unexpected happens, and you suffer an illness, injury or accident?  Will you be financially stable enough with an interruption in your income?  Without any money coming in from Day 1?

How about after 30, 60 or 90 Days or more after your last day at work?  If the answer is NO, I can Help! I offer Personalized Disability Insurance solutions to give you, your loved ones, or your business financial protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week, on or off the job!

You may already have Disability Benefits, but we have proof that your benefits may not be enough to pay the bills! Many people do not realize this until they make a claim.

There are important people in our life who are critical in our every day lives, such as stay at home parents and grandparents for example. They need Insurance too! Your life could be greatly impacted if they were no longer to help! Coverage is available for children and if you are unemployed.

Lets review all of your policies and identify any potential holes in your coverage!

Non-Medical Simplified Issue Insurance

This is a type of insurance that you can qualify for without the need for an extensive medical exam OR a Dr.’s report about your health history:

  • No needles, or fluids taken (blood, urine).
  • People of all ages, working or not working, as well as Business owners, can get a variety of insurances quickly and easily.
  • Some Health questions will be asked
  • Coverage is also available for those living with health conditions or who have been declined for insurance coverage in the past.
  • Marijuana Users and those considered high risk, either at work or play.

Even a small, affordable policy is better than no policy at all. It makes sense to have coverage in place before you need it!

Simple, Easy, Insurance Policies to meet your needs and budget.