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Insurance Coverage Conversations Can be “Life Saving”
February 10, 2021 Accident & Injury Insurance,Cancer insurance,Critical Illness Insurance,Disability Insurance,Life insurance,Lifestyle Insurance,Mortgage insurance,Paycheck Insurance admin

If 2020 taught us anything it is quite simply that Life Can Happen Unexpectantly to all of us no matter where you Live in the World. The One thing that People have in common is: when an Unexpected Event occurs that could affect our Health ,Loved One’s, Financial Security, we all need to know with

Life Happens Unexpectantly but you can Be Prepared!
January 14, 2021 Accident & Injury Insurance,Cancer insurance,Critical Illness Insurance admin

I hope this New Year is treating you well! What a Difference a year Makes! You see, On this Day 1 Year Ago, I was in Surgery for an Out of the Blue, Totally Unexpected Diagnosis of Colon Cancer a few weeks before Christmas 2019. I was extremely healthy , Active, with no symptoms or

Insurance that Pays you $$ Money When You Are Sick or Injured
January 6, 2021 Accident & Injury Insurance,Critical Illness Insurance,Disability Insurance admin

Today there are so many choices of Insurance that will pay you cash if you accidentally Break your arm, a leg, cut yourself & need stitches, an X-Ray, trip to emergency, or a few days in Hospital and more. Unexpected injuries, or illness’s that may prevent you from working for a couple of weeks or

Personal Saving’s = Your Financial Peace of Mind
May 19, 2020 Education Savings,Emergency savings,Personal Savings for Short Term Goals admin

Do you remember your first paycheck or getting an allowance as a Kid? Or receiving gifts of money in Cards from your parents, grandparents, or relatives? In today’s world most of us have a bank accounts, or bank online, have a Line of Credit or at least 1 Credit Card. But years ago our ancestors

ACT on your “Gut” feelings & “Inner Hunches”
October 16, 2019 Accident & Injury Insurance,Dividend Income Insurance,Life insurance,Lifestyle Insurance,Mortgage insurance,Paycheck Insurance,Salary & Bonus Insurance admin

Whenever I listen to my “gut” feeling , those “hunches” we all get, I never go wrong but… I do get in trouble if  I ignore them! Many say they don’t like to leave things to chance,  but we do ALL the time! People will spend more time planning a vacation,  a wedding,  shopping on

School’s Out, A Job & A Place of Your Own
October 16, 2019 Accident & Injury Insurance,Critical Illness Insurance,Don't move Back In with Mom & Dad Insurance,Emergency savings,Lifestyle Insurance,Paycheck Insurance,Permanent Loss of Use of Your Body/Parts admin

You’ve  been Dreaming about the day you Move out on your own! So, you took the leap, and moved out into your own place! Congratulations! Its a great feeling and no one ever expects that they will need to move back in with Mom & Dad anytime soon but… Life can happen, Unexpectedly. Like: *

I’m Healthy!
October 16, 2019 Cancer insurance admin

Sarah Long was young, vibrant , the Picture of Health, and had a  thriving Business as a Mobile Personal Trainer working effectively with People who wanted results & were too busy to spend Hours at a Gym. Like Sarah, many people who take care of their Body , Mind & Spirit, find it hard to

Tears from Heaven
October 16, 2019 Lifestyle Insurance,Uncategorized admin

We can ALL relate to being super busy these days, young and older alike will agree that Time is flying by quickly , the seasons come faster , as do the Holidays reflected in the Marketing of Products at your local. Costco! It is this very “Busyness” that keeps us from making the time to

The Power of Little Things to undo Your Plans…
August 16, 2019 Accident & Injury Insurance,Uncategorized admin

We know now that most accidents & injuries don’t happen when we are at work. They usually happen when we are doing something we enjoy, when we are at home, going to or from work, when we are on our way to see friends, family, vacation. Have you ever tripped over your own feet walking in

Critical Illness Insurance
Image November 5, 2018 Critical Illness Insurance,Joanne Drodge admin

Watch my latest informational video. I call Critical Illness Insurance the “New Life Insurance” because it literally pays you money to use as you wish recover & live. Where would the money come from to take care of yourself, your family or time off from work or a Business if you suddenly ended up in