Life Happens Unexpectantly but you can Be Prepared!

Life Happens Unexpectantly but you can Be Prepared!
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I hope this New Year is treating you well!

What a Difference a year Makes! You see, On this Day 1 Year Ago, I was in Surgery for an Out of the Blue, Totally Unexpected Diagnosis of Colon Cancer a few weeks before Christmas 2019.
I was extremely healthy , Active, with no symptoms or Family History.
While I was in shock from my Diagnosis, I was Prepared in case something like this would happen.

You See, I had purchased Critical Illness Insurance many Years ago.
My Policies covered 26 Illness’s & Medical Conditions including Cancer & 30 days after my Cancer Diagnosis, I received my cheque’s for Tax Free Lump Sum Payout’s of my policies.
Making a claim was Easy!

I was off work for 6 weeks to Recover but … I was able to Breathe easy & not be worried about my Monthly Expenses or Financial Security even as the Pandemic was beginning to loom!!
Thankfully on February 5, 2020 I was told I was Cancer Free , with no need for any further treatment!

Critical Illness Insurance PAYS YOU TO LIVE AND RECOVER. And you can spend the money as you wish!

Lockdowns, loss of jobs & income as a direct result of the COVID 19 Virus, have taken a tremendous toll on Many people. This kind of Stress can provoke ill health that can lead to the diagnosis of many of the Covered Conditions that could pay out to you from a Critical Illness Insurance Policy.

Would you like to Be Prepared in case Life Happens to you or a Loved One Unexpectantly?

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