Financial Services

Having money to enjoy every aspect of your life is possible, but it doesn’t just happen by chance! Believe me when I say you can easily learn how to save for your future and use your money wisely.

Do you worry about how you will support yourself if you were to suffer an injury, illness or accident that would prevent you from going to work?  How much money would you need to pay the bills each month?

Do you have financial goals for your future, such as saving up for a house? A vacation? New car?

Tax Free Savings (TFSA)

The name says it all really. Tax Free Savings.

With a TFSA Savings Account you don’t pay taxes on this money as you put bits of the money left over from your pay or other Savings Accounts into it. Any growth (interest earned) you make on your contributions are Tax Sheltered.

I love to open a TFSA for people to help them sock away money for emergencies (i.e. a car or appliance breaks down, you are laid off, lose your job…are quarantined).  This account is perfect for short & medium sized goals, like a car, travel, a wedding, the birth of a child, education and more. A TFSA is flexible and a perfect savings solution to be used throughout your lifetime.

Saving for a Lifetime

Money is a necessity of Life. Life has we knew it, changed worldwide in every way since 2020 with a Global Pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus.

In the future, adaptability will be key.  Obtaining and then keeping money to live on now, and for our future, is more important than ever to people worldwide.

I help people save for every stage of their lives, using savings products like RRSP’s, GIC’s and LIRA’s to name a few. The longest period you have to accumulate money, is during your working years. These are also the times when your money has many places to go (i.e. bills, a house, vacation, a car, family, weddings, retirement and other life events).

Saving may seem overwhelming, but I can help you begin, be consistent, and see results. Money is personal and it is always top of your mind, because we use it every day!

Do you have questions about:

  • Saving or losing money you may already have?
  • How to balance spending and saving money?
  • Your monthly income vs. How much you are spending?
  • Paying down your debts and set up an Emergency Fund for unforeseen expenses?
  • How to put away money and invest?
  • What makes sense for you: saving in an RRSP, Tax Free Savings Account, or GIC?
  • How do we reach your long term financial goals?

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