Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of Joanne’s clients have to share about working with her:

Over the past few years that I have known Joanne she has identified extra insurance coverage for me based on my family health history, my lifestyle and work. When Joanne comes across new insurance benefit policies, she will meet with me to let me know that they would be an advantage to me for extra coverage. I would not hesitate to recommend Joanne Drodge to anyone who needs insurance coverage or wants to supplement their existing coverage.

My husband and I approached Joanne regarding insurance for our mortgage. She explained the difference between the insurance she sells, and the insurance banks offer on mortgages. We were grateful for all the information she gave us. We also purchased other insurances with Joanne. She explains everything very thoroughly and is very professional and passionate about what she does. She believes having some insurance is better than none so if something happens and these are her words “God forbid” you have something to fall back on. For me and my husband it was not a hard decision; we have always taken the approach to have our affairs in order. Joanne is so sincere, passionate, and has a wonderful sense of humor, not sure if it is that “NEWFIE THING” I would not have a problem referring any client to her because I know she is the BEST at what she does.

Joanne was fantastic at setting us up with new health care benefits. We have always been on a group plan so felt overwhelmed as to what to choose for a personal plan. Joanne explained all the options & ensured we were fully covered. We would recommend her to find you the health care benefits you need.