When considering the purchase of Insurance Products available such as Life, Mortgage/Loan Insurance, Disability, Income Replacement Insurance’s, Critical Illness Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Individual Health or Health Spending Accounts, Retirement Savings Products such as RRSP’s, RRIF’s & more, Tax Free, Chequing, Interest Paying Savings Accounts, it is important that you have a good understanding of how the products selected or recommended, can help you achieve your financial goals. It is my responsibility as an advisor, to explain & recommend products to you based on Your needs & goals & ensure you have been given full disclosure about

  • Where we are licensed to do business (Licensing)
  • The life insurance companies I represent (Representation)
  • How we receive compensation (Compensation) and
  • Protection of your personal information (Confidentiality).



I, Joanne Drodge am licensed as a Life Insurance Agent & Accident & Sickness Insurance Agent by the Province of Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan. I maintain Professional Liability Insurance coverage as required under the Laws & Regulations for Full Life Insurance agents.



In negotiating Insurance & Investment Products such as indicated at the beginning of this disclosure, I represent YOU the Customer & Client. I also represent the Insurance companies, the Managing General Agency (MGA) known as IDC Worldsource Insurance Network Inc. through whom I hold all my Insurance Contracts to offer you Insurance & Investment Products as they pertain to my current Licensing.

I am contracted to offer products for sale from Major Insurance Carriers such as:

Canada Life, RBC Life, Ivari, Specialty Life Insurance, Desjardin Financial, SSQ, Manulife Financial, Sun Life, IA, Equitable Life, Empire Life, IA Excellence, Canada Protection Plan, Humania Insurance, The Edge Benefits, BMO, Assumption, MYHSA Health Spending Accounts.

Nature of Relationships with Insurance Companies & Industry Professionals:

Leanne Demerais of Diverse Benefits & Financial Planning Inc is a person & a company with whom I am associated. From time to time with your consent, knowledge & approval, it may be advantageous to share your personal information or act on referrals from or with other Licensed Advisors such as Leanne Demerais OR with other Professional peers also contracted with IDC Worldsource Inc, Insurance Companies or Financial Professionals such as Mortgage Brokers.

Leanne Demerais is a Certified Financial Planner, a Benefits Specialist of Group Health Benefits, Group Pensions & Savings Plans, Health Spending Accounts, & an Investment Specialist. These collaborations are done, to provide you with the best possible services.



Joanne Drodge receives compensation for any product you may choose to purchase, directly from the Insurance.

Company which provides the product. Joanne Drodge is compensated by a sales commission at time of sale & may receive a renewal (or service) commission.  Joanne Drodge may be entitled to additional compensation, such as bonuses & non-monetary benefits or travel incentives. These incentives are based on the volume of business done with a particular company & may have added requirements such as the quality and persistency of business over a specified period. It is important to understand that business will not be placed with any Insurance Company where the primary reason is for compensation.



During our relationship, it will be necessary for you, the client, to provide a variety of very personal financial information.  The quality of work undertaken on your behalf requires the information to be accurate and complete.  All information collected will be held in the strictest of confidence by Joanne Drodge. Our “PRIVACY STATEMENT” tells you how we will handle your personal information and describes your rights pertaining to your personal information.    This statement is necessary to conform to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Joanne Drodge will have to transmit your personal information to the insurance companies when we apply for an insurance and investment products. We may need to transmit your personal information to an MGA (Managing General Agency) when applying for an insurance and investment products as we are unable to deal.

Directly with the insurance carrier(s). This MGA is IDC Worldsource Insurance Network, with their Associate General Agency (AGA) called The Pelican Group.

Your personal information will be accessed by Joanne Drodge and/or by IDC Worldsource Insurance Network   Inc., The Pelican Group & their staff, and to Leanne Demerais & her staff at Diverse Benefits Inc only when applicable (shared clients)

This is especially true during an absence, or an extended absence due to Illness, Disability or Death of Joanne Drodge.

Joanne Drodge will maintain your personal data for a period of no less than 7 years.  Any of your person al data exceeding 7 years may be securely destroyed by Joanne Drodge.



I, Joanne Drodge, take the potential of a conflict of interest seriously. I, and/or any contract personnel I may employ agree to notify you, the client, of any & all existing or perceived conflicts of interests, when they arise.  Recommendations for your personal or corporate needs are based on analysis of your needs & goals.  The analysis is performed based on information you provide to us and will be based on current laws and accepted tax planning strategies.  We may consult professional advice on your behalf from time to time. Should you require additional information about our qualifications or the nature of our business relationships with any professionals or insurance companies, we would be pleased to give you this information.