Insurance That Pays You $$ Money When You Are Sick Or Injured

Today there are so many choices of Insurance that will pay you cash if you accidentally Break your arm, a leg, cut yourself & need stitches, an X-Ray, trip to emergency, or a few days in Hospital and more.
Unexpected injuries, or illness’s that may prevent you from working for a couple of weeks or a couple of Months. Many of these Insurance’s are easy to get, but they will usually not pay you beyond 6-7 months.

So how can you be sure you have Money coming in for those times when you can’t recover in a few weeks or months?


Sometimes an Unexpected Illness requires many tests to diagnose you while you can’t work.
You have an unexpected Diagnosis or Medical Event happen to you out of the blue like:
Cancer, a Heart Attack, Paralysis or multiple bone fractures from a Fall or Skiing, Hiking, a Car Accident to name a few. ALL of these events have longer recovery times.

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