ACT On Your “Gut” Feelings & “Inner Hunches”

Whenever I listen to my “gut” feeling , those “hunches” we all get, I never go wrong but… I do get in trouble if  I ignore them!

Many say they don’t like to leave things to chance,  but we do ALL the time! People will spend more time planning a vacation,  a wedding,  shopping on WAYFAIR or AMAZON etc.  than they do paying attention to the stuff that really counts.

So… if you have an inner nudge , a gut feeling, please don’t ignore it. Pay attention to it! t

Life is always Busy, but if you are out there knowing you have other people who depend you financially…. & you know you have no Life Insurance or not enough… you “know” you your Family, or Business,would financially struggle if you couldn’t work due to an illness or accident , Injury, Please reach out to me and let’s have a friendly chat about some Worry Free Affordable Insurance Solutions!

DID YOU KNOW….For every Human Financial Worry we have, there is an Insurance Coverage for it! Some  of the right insurance is better than NO insurance! 

Having an expert  like me Review your Insurance’s , your Group Benefits through work, or that credit card insurance you bought,or Line of Credit or Mortgage Insurance ,or the Individual Insurance your parents  bought for you when you were a child, can be potentially Life Saving!

True Story:

Imagine you are a Successful Small Business Owner  & you ask me to take a look at a Disability Policy you bought from someone else years ago who doesn’t even work in the Insurance Industry anymore. ALl you remember is that you bought a Disability Insurance Policy.

You : Think you will receive a cash monthly benefit if you cannot work no matter what the reason.

Then, I: Take a look at your policy and discover, you only have a very restricted Accident & Injury Policy, no coverage for illness or any other reason your Doctor could say you can’t work!!!!!

Because you let me look at your old policy,we  discovered together you were not properly insured.

Today: This Business Owner has an “All Risk” Disability Insurance Policy

Insurance Reviews help you “understand” the coverage you have which usually could be a perfect fit for your circumstances. But these reviews will also “Inform” you of any potential risks you may be facing to avoid  potential Financial Hardship.

Book your No Obligation Insurance Review with me now!

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