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My name is Joanne Drodge & I am an ONLINE Insurance Broker & Financial Advisor.

I help People understand & feel at ease about Life Insurance & Living Benefits (Coverages that pay you cash in case of Illness, accident, Injury & more), & Savings Plans that can be Personalized to cover them, their loved ones, or Business’s.

I am happy to give you some info and quotes about Easy to get Life Insurance, & Critical Illness Insurance  from Canada Protection Plan OR, You can click on the button above to get started! If you need help, please reach out to me!

I help People protect themselves against some of Life’s unexpected events such as : *Dying too soon, *having an accident or injury, or a diagnosis of a Life Threatening Illness (i.e. Cancer, Heart Attack), *running out of money.

Insurance Coverage’s & Savings Plans, help Individuals, families, & Business owners AVOID financial hardship now or in the Future.





If  You are living in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or Nova Scotia, I can offer you Insurance Quotes & purchase Coverage for you, On the Phone, Online, by email, or by using the Power of Technology meeting each other online using a Zoom Video Meeting. Contact me to get started.