Insurance Broker CanadaInsurance Broker Canada
Have coverage in place before you really need it.
Protect you and your loved ones from unexpected illness or injury.
Insurance Broker CanadaInsurance Broker Canada
Rest Easy with our Life Insurance Policy.
Ensure the future and security of those you love most
Insurance Broker CanadaInsurance Broker Canada

100% Canadian Owned and Operated.

We service all of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatechewan, and Nova Scotia.
Insurance Broker CanadaInsurance Broker Canada
Get quick and easy coverage that suits your lifestyle
Coverage is available for High Risk Hobbies and Occupations.
Insurance Broker CanadaInsurance Broker Canada

Enjoy every aspect of your life.

Easily learn how to save for your future and use your money wisely.

Your OnLine Insurance Broker

My name is Joanne Drodge & I am an ONLINE Insurance Broker & Financial Advisor.

I can help you understand and feel at ease about Life Insurance & Living Benefits, These are coverages that pay you cash in case of illness, accident, injury & more. 

I also specialize in Saving Plans that can be personalized to cover you, your loved ones, and your businesses.

Life and Critical Illness Insurance can be easier to get than you think. To get started, please click on the link below or contact me for more information or a quote.

I help people protect themselves against some of life’s unexpected events such as:

  • Dying too soon
  • Having an accident or injury
  • Diagnosis of a life threatening illness
  • Running out of money

Insurance Coverage & Savings Plans, help individuals, families, & business owners AVOID financial hardship now or in the future.

Meet Joanne Drodge

insurance broker canada

I am originally from Newfoundland (I have heard ALL the Newfie jokes) grew up in Nova Scotia & have called Calgary, Alberta home since 1999.

I have worked in every aspect of the Insurance & Financial Services Industry since 1992 in a variety of Canadian Provinces. I have known & worked with People through the years: Clients, friends, family members, & myself, all have received Insurance Payouts from Various Policies which have been Financially Life Saving, every time.

I am truly Grateful to meet & work with people, hear their stories & be able to help them live their Lives worry free as a direct result of the Power of Insurance & Savings Products Personalized for them.

Since September of 2015 I have participated in the Annual Kidney March, a 100Km walk over 3 Days from Kananaskis to Calgary. This March was created to raise awareness about Kidney Disease, Organ Donation, to raise money for Research, & to financially help through Kidney Foundations Canada Wide, the many people who Battle Kidney Disease every Day like my nephew Bryan.

I am so grateful to be able to walk 100kms AND to have met so many wonderful people through the Kidney March Community.

For more information about this wonderful event , please go to


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