Tears From Heaven

We can ALL relate to being super busy these days, young and older alike will agree that Time is flying by quickly , the seasons come faster , as do the Holidays reflected in the Marketing of Products at your local. Costco!

It is this very “Busyness” that keeps us from making the time to be sure that we & the very people we love who depend on us Financially, & our Lifestyle are protected. 

I believe there are people who were taken from us too soon due to illness, accidents….

They were most often the one’s that people depended on Financially. They brought home the paychecks, paid for the groceries, the rent, the mortgage, the cars,  the utilities,  the phone’s , electronics, Eating Out, the Celebrations, the vacations, the clothes , the school stuff, the Hockey, Dance, Soccer, the future Higher Education, the future Weddings, future Pensions & Savings to Retire with.

They were good people, and maybe, they were part of your Family, or you were in Business with them or were their employee.

And one day out of the blue, they were gone, quickly, or were unable to continue to live as they were before due to an accident or illness.

You see many of them meant to look into buying some life insurance, or getting more Life Insurance to make sure you could carry on without them. To make sure that if they were not here to take care of you, that you could carry on without any financial struggle. Many of them always intended to make sure that money would be coming into the house or their business if they couldn’t work.

I believe there  are many who died unexpectantly  who are watching  over their loved ones with tears falling from Heaven,  & those who are  unable to work trying to recover and struggling financially,  both wishing they had only made the time to get some appropriate insurance before Life Happened Unexpectantly.

There are  so many insurance’s available today for you to choose from to take care of your Human Financial Worries. Some Insurance is better than none! Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation discussion about how you can Protect yourself and those you love using the power of Insurance!

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