The Power Of Little Things To Undo Your Plans

We know now that most accidents & injuries don’t happen when we are at work. They usually happen when we are doing something we enjoy, when we are at home, going to or from work, when we are on our way to see friends, family, vacation. Have you ever tripped over your own feet walking in your neighborhood , or in your own house? Have you ever  hit your “funny bone”?(Not so funny right?) Recently I had 2 clients with unexpected Injury claims, One was playing a sport that he loves , & out of the blue, ended up with a broken leg that required surgery, that forced him to cancel a hiking out of country trip, & will take 3 plus months to heal . The other client suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury due to a fall . Due to the Severity of this accident ,this Individual’s  Quality of Life will forever be changed. Each of these clients were taken by surprise but thankfully were prepared as they have  insurance that will financially pay them money to recover.

If this happened to you, are you prepared? If the answer is yes, (are you sure you have the right type of coverage? ) OR If the answer is No, please call or email me to have a complimentary discussion about your current coverage or we can discuss the ways you can financially be prepared if Life’s little things, (accidents , injuries, surgeries, etcetera) show up ) Unexpectantly.

“Be Prepared” & go out & ENJOY LIFE!

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