Joanne Drodge Insurance & Financial Advisor

My name is Joanne Drodge & I am passionate about helping Insure people against some of Life’s unexpected events: dying too soon, having an accident or injury , or a diagnosis of Life threatening Cancer or a Heart attack that prevents them from working or enjoying life!

That may sound weird to you right? Nevertheless… I have seen the Power of Insurance Coverages help people avoid financial hardship, & the need for Go Fund Me pages.

People know that Insurance is important but they procrastinate about talking about it or getting some because….

*they have Insurance they bought personally, or through their employer, but have no idea what it is, is it enough, the right type and will it even work when they need it too

*they think they have lots of time to get it before something happens because: they are healthy, careful, have never been sick, injured, or missed any time off from work

*they may have health issues (diabetes, have had cancer or a heart attack) are overweight, on multiple medications, been declined for insurance before due to health, lifestyle or their occupation

*they think it is too expensive, too hard to get

I am mobile! I can meet with you wherever most is convenient: your home, in a coffee shop, in my office. We can meet on Skype, or on the phone from Calgary, or any city or town in AB, SK, even Cape Breton NS while you sit on your couch or at your Dining Room table!

Life is too short, to waste time worrying about the “what ifs”, especially if you have no Insurance! As an Insurance Broker, I shop from the best Insurance Companies to meet your needs & budget.

Need Coverage right away? Contact me and lets get started!