Non Medical Insurance

Non Medical Insurance

Non Medical Insurance


I am happy to give you some info and quotes about Easy to get Life Insurance, & Critical Illness Insurance  from Canada Protection Plan OR, You can click on the button above to get started! If you need help, please reach out to me!

No Medical Simplified Issue Insurance’s are types of insurance’s that you can qualify for without the need for an extensive medical exam OR a Dr.’s report about your Health History. There are no needles, or fluids taken (blood, urine). These Products are available from Companies such as Canada Protection Plan, Humania , and more.

People of all ages, working or not, & Business Owner’s, can get a Variety of Insurances: Life, Mortgage Insurance, Critical Illness & a Variety of Accident, Injury, Illness Insurances, Quickly & Easily. *Some Health questions will be asked

Coverages are also available for those individuals who are living with health conditions or have been Declined for Insurance coverage’s in the past.

No Medical Simplified Life Insurance & Critical Illness coverage’s with Canada Protection Plan are very popular for some of the following reasons & No Payments  are Due Until the 2nd Month:

*Business Owners & Individuals- no financial questions, family history questions, no medicals, needles, or fluids

*Marijuana Users (If you smoke only Marijuana with no nicotine up to 4Xs a week you are considered a nonsmoker)

*No declined, postponed, or Rated questions (extra premium may be charged for medical condition)

*For those whose Work or Play is considered HIGH RISK & Foreign Travel is covered up to 12 weeks


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