Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance


Based on Insurance Claims & Medical Proof, 1 in 2 Canadians no matter what age or health status will be diagnosed with a Life-Threatening Illness or Medical Event in their Lifetime before age 60! Let that sink in for a Moment!

I have clients who can attest to these facts! Thankfully, people are recovering due to Medical Advancements & sometimes Early Detection.

Could you Financially cope if this happened to you or a Loved one?

Critical Illness Insurance, CI for short, can help you & your loved ones avoid Financial Hardship & Stress, helping you focus on getting better. You do not need to be working to get CI Insurance & this is also a perfect alternative for working people who did not qualify for or could not Afford a traditional Disability Insurance Coverage.

Here is how a CI Insurance Payout would work: A Tax-free Lump sum of money is paid to you upon Diagnosis of a Policy Covered Condition & survival period. A partial payout may also be available to be used for Early Detection of Specific Conditions. The Money is yours, to use as you wish. Pay your Monthly Bills, Hospital Parking, replace your income, or have a loved one or spouse stay off work to support & take care of you, use money for alternative therapies & drugs and so on.

CI Insurance can be purchased to cover the 4 most Claimed Conditions such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Heart Disease (Bypass Surgeries) & Stroke, or up to 26 Illness’s & Medical Conditions.  **Coverage may also available for people who may have already had an illness or medical event happen to them in their past, or those who have immediate Family with poor Health History.

*Ask me about a Wonderful Savings CI Policy for children as young as 15 days to age 17 from one of Canada’s well-known Insurance Companies.

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