About Us

About Us

About Joanne Drodge

I am originally from Newfoundland (I have heard ALL the Newfie jokes) grew up in Nova Scotia & have called Calgary, Alberta home since 1999.

I have worked in every aspect of the Insurance & Financial Services Industry since 1992 in a variety of Canadian Provinces. I have known & worked with People through the years: Clients, friends, family members, & myself, all have received Insurance Payouts from Various Policies which have been Financially Life Saving, every time.

I am truly Grateful to meet & work with people, hear their stories & be able to help them live their Lives worry free as a direct result of the Power of Insurance & Savings Products Personalized for them.

Since September of 2015 I have participated in the Annual Kidney March, a 100Km walk over 3 Days from Kananaskis to Calgary. This March was created to raise awareness about Kidney Disease, Organ Donation, to raise money for Research, & to financially help through Kidney Foundations Canada Wide, the many people who Battle Kidney Disease every Day like my nephew Bryan.

I am so grateful to be able to walk 100kms AND to have met so many wonderful people through the Kidney March Community.

For more information about this wonderful event , please go to www.kidneymarch.ca