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Joanne Drodge Insurance & Financial Advisor



Hello, my name is Joanne Drodge and when people ask what I do for a living, I always have the same reply. My job and passion is to help people live.

I help people like you prepare for the unexpected, for anything that may cause you or someone you love, or your business to suffer financial hardship or catastrophe. I also help you prepare for the good stuff like: money to enjoy now and later, somewhere nice to live, vacations, education etc.

Did you know: Every person I have ever had a conversation with over a coffee, or met with in their home or in my office, has had a common worry. Even though these people are from many different cultures, backgrounds, and income levels, they All have the same worry.

Do you know what it is? The number #1 thing People everywhere want to know and be sure of is: Will I or will we be OK right now and in the future.

Most people need to have a place to call home. Home is very important to your Body, Mind & Spirit, no matter where you live or what it looks like, home for most people is a safe place to be.

Losing a job, overwhelmed by Mortgage & debts, you or a family member diagnosed with Cancer, a Heart Attack or Critical illness, not having health benefits or money in case you have an accident, injury or dying unexpectedly, any one of these events could cause stress & financial uncertainty for you, your family and the livelihood of your business. No one wants to think that these things could happen to them, or their loved ones. But, Life Happens everyday, and before it does, I can help you be Prepared.

Insurance can play a major role in our mutual preparation to help you feel more secure about your present and your future. Contact me to discuss how easy it is to BE PREPARED.